Format: Board Game
Client: FLYOS Games
Technique: Digital
Year: 2022 - 2023
The Lab is a board game by Patrick Fillion, produced by FLYOS Games, where you play a mad scientist racing to rid the world of the worst of disease and microorganisms - while also trying to eliminate your colleagues with those very same diseases. It's a silly and tongue-in-cheek concept, where I got to visualise different diseases, parasites and more in humorous ways. I also worked on box art, player characters, and various gameplay icons.
We opted for a two-tone style, with basic cel shading, and energetic lineart - with lots of grit and dirty detail to reflect the theme. With the box art getting some extra love with additional colors. Additional graphic design and mockups were handled inhouse by FLYOS Games.
Copyright 2023 FLYOS Games
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