Label redesigns

We had to make room for bigger barcodes on the first series of Crave Cave labels, so we grabbed this opportunity to (hopefully) enhance them a bit. In general we added more contrast, a bit more striking colors, and more detail and easter eggs. The design elements of the labels were also unified, to make the series feel more cohesive - as before, it was a bit all over the place.
Hårfagres Dobbeltbokk
Hårfagres saw the biggest change. The idea behind the label was mascot Loki's hair engulfing the land, making a new type of ocean. We wanted almost a vague art nouveau look to it, with the hair also framing the label. The idea didn't really come across in the old design, and it turned out Loki was far too wide for the bottles we ended up using, so he had to diet down a bit.​​​​​​​
We also pushed the hair idea further, where all the land is now below it, adding more depth to the background. Sea life taking shelter in boats (which doesn't really make sense, but who cares!), and an eager octopus out to solve the problem. The sky got some more dramatic weather, and we changed the colorscheme to be more bold.
Old label
Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean was the very first label I made for the brewery, and one we actually were pretty happy with. So mainly it was moving elements around to fit the new format, and filling in the blanks. Being the first label, it also didn't feature the Crave Cave logo, so that had to be worked in as well.
The original idea was depicting the wild weather from Nordmøre, Norway, so we also changed up the skies a bit. Very little new illustration work added to this one beyond that though. The changes might not look significant laid out flat, but wrapped around a bottle, it worked a lot better.
Old label
Frokost Ved Hatten
We really liked the layout for Frokost Ved Hatten, so we just blew up the image, adjusted the colors to pop more, and added extra friends visiting for breakfast. The Hulder (woman on the right) got a make-over, a little cave demon popped up on the bottom left, and the midgard serpent snaked his way across the mountains in the back to come have a taste. Some other smaller reworks too.
One of my main gripes with it was the mushroom decorations on the edges of the label. They stood out to me, in a bad way, so we scrapped them and started over.
Old label
Thanks to Crave Cave Brewery for the redesign job. I think we're both much happier with the range now. More jobs for them coming up soon!
Thanks for looking!
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