Fremmed Rase (previously Alien Breed) is a Norwegian hip hop trio from Trondheim. They approached me to make something for their mixtape release 'Infrasonisk Nedsmelting', a collection of old, new and reworked stuff.

Retro was the keyword. They wanted to showcase a grimey, tongue in cheeck vibe from the 80s/90s. We're talking Troma films, Saturday morning cartoons, grungy worn out VHS covers, lowbrow and cheesy sci-fi. All things I love too. Beyond that I had a blank canvas. Our idea ended up being, a trio of retro aliens invading, bringing back 80s/90s pop art. A good excuse to shove in some references to things like Toxie, Mars Attacks and the likes.

The concept ended up being 3 old fashioned alien characters, invading, bringing all these things back to the present. Decked out with slimey tentacle minions and old recording equipment, boombox and all.​​​​​​​ Then we branched out from that loose concept.
The retro theme was reflected in the actual product too. We made [REDACTED], and we made cassette tapes, and I got to play around with really cool packaging and printables I rarely do on jobs. Also got the chance to go wild with hand drawn typography, and just have fun!
The cassette got a 5 page folded J-card. Then a wrap around O-card on the outside with the main design, with spot gloss on elements like the logo, eyes, and goo. For the cassette tape itself, we laser printed the details onto a slime green base, directly onto the plastic.

O-CARD - Wrap around design
J-card - Side A & B (Before and After)
Cassette Unboxing

We also did various merch. We screen printed the logo onto t-shirts, and made an alternate circular logodesign based on their old name 'Alien Breed'. We also made stickers, posters, and things to be unveiled later!
Sticker Design

And more to come!

A big thank you to Fremmed Rase for choosing me to be part of this awesome project. One of those amazing rare jobs where you get to go wild. We are still waiting for some parts of the project to be finished. They'll be added to the project file when they are! Thank you for watching!

The cassette, and merch can be bought at:
More info about the project, and digital streaming:
More Fremmed Rase: Spotify Instagram  Facebook

Promotional photos: Frode Myren

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