Format: Branding & packaging. Cassette mixtape, Vinyl
Client: Fremmed Rase
Technique: Digital
Year: 2022
Fremmed Rase (previously Alien Breed) is a Norwegian hip hop trio from Trondheim. They approached me to make the face for their cassette mixtape release 'Infrasonisk Nedsmelting', a collection of old, new and reworked material. The project was a throwback to their past, and influences, so we drew inspiration from a lot of retro sources, both thematically and stylewise. Sunday morning cartoons, Troma and other bmovies, and old school hip hop. The 80s is back, in form of an alien invasion - and their main weapon is the very cassette tape you bought. Action, detail and 'gaudy' chaos.​​​ An incredibly fun job where I got to experiment with wrap-around designs, spot gloss, hand drawn typography, multi-layered packaging and more. I did illustration, layout, typography and design. The project was also released on vinyl, and had a tie-in beer produced by Hammerhead Brewing Company. The project won a diploma for packaging illustration in Visuelt 2023.
Alternate directions and process
Copyright 2022 Fremmed Rase
Product photo: Frode Myren
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