Format: Illustration and design for screen. Show itinerary print.
Client: NRK
Technique: Digital Illustration, Layout, Design
Year: 2023
Kongerekka is a NRK podcast by Are Sende Osen. To celebrate the conclusion of the series, they wanted to do a stage show summary and tv special. I was hired to make social media parody content to run on the stage screen - as well as a pamphlet illustrating the royal lineage of Norway. I mostly did graphic design work, and repurposed and worked with existing illustrations, but added my own where needed - in the show's set illustration style. I also made some overlay graphics for the tv broadcast.
I got to be included in a lot of the process which was a lot of fun, and worked tightly with the writers and scene designer. A very fun and educational experience.
Copyright 2023 NRK
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