Format: Illustrated curriculum guide
Client: Lade Skole
Design / typography: Kristian Vikestad
Technique: Digital
Year: 2023
Lade Skole had a value wheel / curriculum guide they wanted visually overhauled, with added illustrations. The original was very dense with text and info and we needed streamline the look to showcase the important elements. We opted to boil the wheel down to the basic with a strong, clean and fun core design, and provide supplemental versions for various scenarios of use. The design needed to strike a balance between clean and legible for use in a professional setting, while also enganging and fun enough to be interesting to the kids themselves. We think we found a good middle ground. The compositions, color schemes, elemetns and characters for each section were based on the core principles of that part in the curriculum, and we aimed to reflect the wide range of ages and backgrounds attending the school.
We also intended this as a start of a universe for Lade skole, where each of these categories, its character sand colorscheme can be expanded on over time, and be a core branding element for the school.
Copyright 2023 Lade Skole
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