Format: Children's Book / Board Game / Design Manual hybrid
Client: Fail Faster
Design: Sebastian Koziner
Technique: Digital
Year: 2023
Running Against Time is such a unique project. Fail Faster teach game design mechanics in fun and innovative ways, and their newest project goes the extra mile. In this book you follow the adventures of Natalie and Charlie, a sibling pair who get lost in time. Along the way they encounter situations that gets presented as game scenarios. But broken game scenarios, and you as the reader have to figure out why they don't work, or aren't fun, and make the adjustments. It's a great teaching tool, and a really fun and charming story on top.
I was hired to design the characters of the book, and illustrate a scene for every chapter in the story. I also designed vignette illustrations for the board games, and the logo for the project. Every other design element was done by the talented Sebastian Koziner.
Copyright 2023 Fail Faster

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