Format: Cocktail Labels
Client: Hammerhead Brewery
Technique: Digital
3D visualization: Joakim Ulseth
Year: 2023
Hammerhead was launching a new series of canned cocktails, and wanted a fresh coat of paint for it. We wanted to carry on with the strong illustrative look found in the craft-beer field, but soften the image a bit, and ride the line to where we didn't alienate the existing target audience, but would be welcoming to a new one.
The series is called Seabreeze, and the graphics are designed around the theme, with background shapes depicting a hybrid of wind and water. We also opted to couple the ingredients on each cocktail with creatures 'of the wind', like birds and various insects - as they gave the visual vibe we wanted for the product.
Copyright 2023 Hammerhead Brewery
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