Format: Board Game
Client: Atheris Games
Technique: Digital
Year: 2019
Supernatural Socks is themed around the question of why socks go missing during laundry. The games features a gang of sockhungry ghosts, trying to hoard the most 'treasure' in a haunted laundromat. You as the player are just trying to get your laundry done, helped and/or hindered by otherwordly forces.
We cycled through many different concepts and directions, including tarot influences, before we ultimately landed on 50's and 60's cartoons as the main inspiration for the style - with a touch more painterly backgrounds, and solid lineart characters on top. Conceptually we went for a general noir vibe - with dingy old rooms, and dramatic spotlighting. We also visited a way more extreme, Ren & Stimpy-like style, before settling on something more cozy and family friendly. In addition to character design and background artwork, I also designed the logo.
Copyright 2019 Atheris Games
Graphic design elements by Sebastian Koziner.

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