I was hired by Trondheim Skate Association to create an event poster, and branding material for their 25th anniversary celebration.

Part competition, part block party, part mini-festival, we threw together all the available info into a busy, energetic illustrative poster, in a style that hopefully appeals to skaters of all ages. TSA also encompasses scooters and BMX, so elements from those also had to be incorporated. The style also goes well with the building and location of their skatepark, an older part of town. Got to play around with more hand drawn typography, and some silly lowbrow style characters and vignette illustrations all cobbled together. Some light halftone patterning and grit textures added too, and overall we went for a faded, grimy look. All the pieces are also stand-alone to be used in their social media advertising.

Whole project was drawn in Adobe Photoshop.
Early drafts before schedule changes added more elements:
Project will be updated once shirts and other merch get printed with more elements, and there's photos of the event itself. Thanks to TSA for such a fun job! Happy anniversary!
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